Roadside Assistance

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Our priority is showing love to our community of NOLA, east and west bank through towing service and providing what our fellow Louisiana residents need in a time manner. We have everything it takes to be your personal roadside assistance service and towing company.  No matter what, will be here when you need us. We have the vehicles  equipment and professionals to be there for you at all times you need us. Call us – That’s all it takes for Arabi Roadside Assistance and Towing Service to come help. Tire blowouts and flats can be dangerous and frustrating. We all know that the roads in the area could be better. Sometimes things like potholes and patches in the concrete cause unnecessary risk. These troubled roadways can often be the last straw for stressed and already troubled tires. Don’t worry, Arabi Towing has the professional roadside assistance team to get you back on the road safely and quickly. We have a variety of towing vehicles that will meet all your needs. Arabi La Towing has the newest most innovative service vehicles that will get you back on the road and will keep you and your vehicle safe. We are continually upgrading our equipment to stay relevant in the towing industry and stay up to date with the most innovative technologies.

We decrease the time it takes to get your location and get information to our drivers so that they get there faster than anyone else. If you need roadside assistance, call Arabi, La Towing. We promise we are the best option!

How to safely handle a roadside event...

Being prepared can help you to safely respond in the event of a roadside emergency. Whether your tire goes flat, car battery dies, or you run out of gas on the road, when a roadside emergency unexpectedly comes its always best to be prepared. 

#1 Remember to always have the number to Arabi LA Towing’s Roadside Assistance ready. It’s important to call for help when you need it because you sometimes need help to solve a roadside emergency. Staying connected with a professional roadside assistance service like Arabi Towing can make an emergency less troublesome. When you’re somewhere unfamiliar, it’s dark outside, or during inclement weather, it’s nice to know you have a friend in Arabi Towing. Our Roadside Assistance services can help with a variety of car problems, you always know you have support when things don’t go as expected. 


Stay prepared by having the proper emergency kit in your vehicle with you

If you have an emergency tool kit on hand, it is one of the easiest ways to prepare ahead of time in case of a roadside emergency. You can buy Roadside Emergency kits online and in store pre-made, or you can collect all of the components yourself and assemble your own roadside emergency kit. Consider the climate in your area of the country as you choose your kit and  components. Don’t forget to include items that suit you and your family and have multiple kits available, at least one for each vehicle.

Below is a list of potential items you can include in your emergency kit:


First Aid Kit

Multipurpose tool

Jumper cables

Pencil and notepad


Clean, empty, refillable gas jug

Road flares

Bottled water and nonperishable snack

Always be prepare and try to think of items not listed here that might help!

Have Any Questions


Call Arabi Towing right away if you find yourself stranded on the side of the road and in need of assistance. When you need assistance, our team of knowledgeable experts is ready to offer you prompt service. We can handle any issue and have you back on the road quickly, whether you’ve been in an accident or your car just broke down without warning.


We at Arabi Towing are aware of how unpleasant and aggravating unanticipated auto problems can be. Because of this, it is our goal to make the procedure as simple as possible for our clients. When you call us for assistance, our top priority is to be at your place quickly so that we may begin resolving your problem.